Good Fly Academy

School created by pilots for pilots.


About Us

GoodFly Academy is a virtual flight school that teaches members around the world the basics of flying using flight simulators and on VATSIM. Our pilot school's main base of operations is the Sabadell International Airport, whose geographical location in eastern Spain offers the best weather conditions in Europe for pilot training. Founded in 2021 by commercial, private pilots and actual instructors. GoodFly Acamy is an aviation school created by and for pilots in continuous growth. Our main philosophy, as a pilot school, is to offer students the latest technology in the sector, with the best training quality and always under strict safety standards.

  • Our bases of operations, Sabadell (LELL), Cuatro vientos (LECU) and Seville (LEZL)
  • We have C150, C172, D40, D42 as basic aircraft
  • YOUR EXCELLENCE, OUR PRIORITY Our main objective is to offer our students the best quality standards for the consequent use of their aeronautical training

If you like airplanes or air control. At GoodFly Academy we teach you the basics of how it works. Our mission is to bring the aerial simulation closer.



The Private Aircraft Pilot Course does not require previous experience or knowledge of aviation or simulation. In this course you will learn to fly in advanced VFR. And everything related to the flight simulator.


The main objective of the NVFR Visual Night Flight Course is to train our pilots safely and efficiently according to the rules of visual night flight. We will take a theoretical course prior to flight to understand the main differences between flying during the day and at night: optical illusions, fatigue, visual references, are some of the points that will be covered during the course. All flight hours will be done after sunset, at night, to familiarize ourselves with the environment and thus be able to operate in this type of conditions with total safety.


In the Instrumental qualification you will carry out and learn the specific operation that requires flying single and twin-engine aircraft: Asymmetries, flights with an operating engine, critical engine, etc.

Call To Action

Flying around the world at the controls of some of the most sophisticated aircraft in existence is, for many, a dream. With GoodFly Academy you will learn the basics and only you can limit your learning.

Only 2 requirements

Minimum age 13 years and desire to learn.

Latest generation systems

Fully updated systems for all simulators.

Custom libraries.

We have all the libraries for your simulator. And if you do not have the planes, we provide them.

Assistance service in your simulator

If your simulator fails, we will help you repair it.





Hours of instruction



We guarantee satisfaction with your studies and full compliance with our commitments. For us it is a great pride to be able to boast that the vast majority of our students achieve their desired goals and remain linked to the school, as new instructors or pilots.

  • Instructors team

    At Good Fly Academy, we focus on being as professional as possible. That is why our instructors are real pilots, or ATPL students.

  • Every month we update our didactic material, in this way all students can have updated letters and manuals. Written, summarized and adapted from real manuals.

  • We know that being a pilot is very difficult. And many complex concepts. In addition, we give you the possibility of training through private or group classes, scheduled each week and adapted to the time that suits you.